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The CME (Case Modder's Edition) version of our XERC was designed to add advanced LED chasers that are controlled via the remote. It is offered in 3 versions: the C5, C6, and C7. These numbers refer to the number of ports used in the chaser sequences. There are 7 ports total on the CME SE, so the C7 will use all available ports to cycle through the LEDs. The C5 version however uses the first 5 ports for the chasers and the additional ports toggle the LEDs connected to them either on or off. To keep the chasers continuous, you will want to wire your LEDs in multiples of the number of ports available. For example, if you have 12 LEDs in a circle, you would need to use the C6 version. The CME SE features a VU meter mode as one of its "chasers." This VU meter turns on the ports in order from H1 when the music is low to H5-H7 when the music peaks, thus blinking your LEDs along with the beat of the music. There are a total of 9 different modes that the "H" ports can be set to (8 for C5), plus on or off.

New to the CME SE are the X1 & X2 pads. These pads allows the CME SE to control add-on devices, such as the LED Fader Deluxe, by providing either a high or low control signal.

In addition to the LED control, the XERC CME SE also has power on/off and eject features to remotely turn on your Xbox.

When you get the XERC CME SE, it will be pre-programmed with Pablot's open source code and will have a default button map for the Xbox DVD Kit remote (or Xbox360 remote, depending on which version you get) pre-configured. This means that once you have connected the XERC, you can instantly begin using it, with no initial setup. You can change this configuration if you wish, or set up configuration for a different remote. All settings on the XERC can be changed at any time without having to open your Xbox or connect it to a computer. When you power off the console, or even unplug the console, the XERC retains all settings, so when you plug it back in your remote codes and chaser settings will remain as you left them.

Some notes regarding installation

Please be aware that some soldering skills and electrical knowledge are recommended for this install. Wiring your LEDs to the XERC CME SE can be a tricky and difficult process. Improper installation can permanently damage your Xbox. Installing this device voids your warranty.

To open your Xbox1, we recommend this dissasembly guide by Xbox-scene. To open your Xbox360, we recommend this dissasembly guide by aweirdguy.

Install Points

Click here for the Xbox1 install diagram.
Click here for the Xbox360 install diagram.

IR Install

The IR receiver must be routed outside of the case to a place where it can be seen by the remote. The Xbox360 already has an IR receiver built-in, so you only need to connect one wire to it, as shown in the install diagram, rather than mounting the included IR receiver.

Here is an example install location for the Xbox1:

Wiring LEDs to your CME SE

The CME SE controls whether your LEDs are on or off by toggling the ground in your circuit. The LEDs that you connect to the H-pads should be powered by the power supply (as indicated in the install diagram), then grounded to the appropriate H-port. Each port can support up to 500mA, but the CME in total can only support about 1.2A, which is 40-60 LEDs when wired in parallel.

Your H-ports will cycle around from H1 to H5-H7 (depending on which version you have). You should plan out your mod and wire each LED to the correct H-port so the chasers and VU meter will appear correctly. As an example of how to wire LEDs to your H-ports, I have made a schematic for a box I did called the Mystic River, which you can see here. You can see this wiring in action in this video.

X1 & X2 Pads

The X1 and X2 pads were made to allow the CME SE to be able to control other devices such as the LED Fader Deluxe. This is done by setting the pads to be either 0v or PWR. By default the pads are set to low/low. Each press of the X Pad Control button cycles the pads through the following order: low/low, low/high, high/low, high/high. Be aware that this is only to be used as a high or low control signal for other devices and not for supplying power or ground to any circuit as they can only supply about 10-20mA.

To connect the LED Fader Deluxe to the CME SE, connect S1 to X1 and S2 to X2. This will cycle through the different fader modes with each press of the X Pad Control button the CME SE.

Operation Manual

You can download the user's guide here (PDF), which has all instructions on how to operate your XERC CME SE after it has been installed.


If you need any assistance or troubleshooting, feel free to ask questions in our forums or use our contact form to contact us. We always like to hear about successful installs and other thoughts also, which you can post in our forums.

Installing this device will void your warranty. Install at your own risk.
We claim no responsibility for any damage caused from using this device and are not affiliated with Microsoft in any way.

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